Healthy, healing foods to help you with optimum nutrition and health 

These foods are available by advance order for local distribution.. please submit your interest by phone or text to receive the weekly list by whatsapp or text. 

  • White Gold - Probiotic rich Burren Goats Milk Kefir €10.00 per litre.  

  • Yellow Gold - Wild fermented immune boosting Kimchi  €5.00 per 320g jar

  • Wild fermented probiotic and prebiotic rich Saurkraut €5.00 per 320g jar 

  • Organic Blueberry & Ginger Raw Kombucha €10.00 per litre 

  • Organic Pear and Ginger raw Kombucha€10.00 per litre.

  • Filtered/structured water used in Kombucha.

  • Selection of vegan casseroles or hot pots of the week.

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