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Relief from IBS with Kimchi & Sauerkraut 
For decades I had been struggling with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) on a regular basis. Six months ago, I had the good fourtune to obtain some Kimchi and Sauerkraut formulated by Kathleen. Within a short period of time the IBS symptoms did not recur and I have been symptom free due to taking these natural probiotics on a daily basis. It is such a relief to avoid Anti Spasmodic drugs and to recover normal bowel function free from discomfort, bloating and lethargy.
Weight Loss with Macrobiotic Health Coaching 
I went on a plant based macrobiotic diet following health coaching from Kathleen. She showed such interest in my programme and progress and followed up with me regularly. I really enjoyed the food, found the advice to be second to none and I am happy to say I reduced my weight by 25 pounds.

Kathleen is a profoundly knowledgeable and enthusiastic lady, who applies all her learning as her natural way of living. She is so willing to share her skills, knowledge and learning with us through her passion for food and in particular fermented foods. I have been added into my daily diet Kathleens fermented the goats kefir, which is like velvet on the tongue and so soothing on the digestive system. I love Kathleen's kombucha drinks which for me are my Covid wines!! It's completely delicious and far more healthy than wine for me.  And into each meal I have added Kathleen's kimchi which boost my gut health as well as boost my "happy mood" on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Kathleen as an excellent Health Coach and to purchase her fermented foods since they are created with love, care and a desire to bring fermented products to people who are seeking to be the best version of health they are seeking. 


Marguerite Brady 

Founder and Director

Marguerite Brady School of African Reflexology 

Hi Kathleen I just wanted to say thank you for your delicious white Gold Burden milk kefir and for your Yellow Gold Wild fermented kimchi. 


It was while out walking last year during lockdown 2020 I met a friend and we chatted about our various health issues.

I was diagnosed with a hiatius hernia 4 years ago and shortly after I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Both have caused me to suffer with bloating heartburn and upset stomach over the years even with prescibed medication.

My friend recommended you to me and told me that all of your products are made locally (in your kitchen) and your source local ingredients.

I started your White Gold goats milk kefir just before Christmas 2020 I began with a small glass in the morning, increasing it to a second glass before I go to bed. The results have been amazing! My stomach has never felt better my heartburn and bloating has eased and I actually feel my stomach has healed. 

Your Yellow Gold kimchi I love too. I have a few spoon fulls in the evening. It tastes delicious on its own! These products work and I highly recommend them to everyone 


Annmarie O'Connell. Kilcolgan 

March 2022 

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